Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wedge-tailed Eagle -- Aquila audax

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Wedge-tailed Eagle attended by two swallows
© NF Photo 140908

Wedge-tailed Eagle -- Aquila audax
© NF Photo 140914

This day I was happy I was sitting in the first car. We had three cars and were heading north from Cairns. Going to the Lodge Chambers. And suddenly we saw this busy place at the roadside. There was a carcass, probably from kangaroo. There was the huge eagle and  another bird of prey I have not yet ID:d. If anyone knows I would be happy if you told me. And, of course, the usual blackbirds. I was in the backseat so I was shooting from inside the car.

This eagle was easy to recognize from the peculiar tail and the long legs. 
One of the best sightings on the trip. 

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  1. Well I have never heard of the Wedge Tail Eagle, so I can add a new one to my list. My guess would be that the bird on the ground is another eagle, maybe a juvenile since it is lighter in color and it has, of course, drawn the attention of the crows ( or maybe they are Ravens ... can't really tell). This is a great find, Monica and thank you for expanding my bird experience :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Cool series on the eagle. It is new to me, great sighting.

  3. What a fantastic encounter adn shots

  4. Great action shots of our beautiful Wedgie. What a pity they have been killed off by farmers and hunters. Fotunately now protected.

  5. What a fascinating, beautiful raptor! Loved seeing the photos!

  6. These road-kill sites are great (if often smelly!) places to see birds of prey. When I was in central Australia a while ago I found (of all things) a dead horse that was attracting the birds of prey - strangely, my family did not want to park near it and see what birds showed up!

    cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: The Freckled Duck only occurs in Australia


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