Saturday, October 31, 2015

Beach Thick-knee - Esacus magnirostris

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Two  Beach Thick-knee on the other side of the bay, of course. Took the image with a 400mm lens so, it was far away.

Image taken through the spotting scope.
Beach Thick-knee - Esacus magnirostris
© NF Photo 140908, Machans beach, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

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It is a is a large, ground-dwelling bird that occurs in Australasia. We saw only these two birds  on the trip and far away. But it is a species for me to post. 

To compensate for the bad images I found a Youtube video of the bird. 

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  1. Hello Monica!:) I really enjoyed the vídeo of the Beach stone-curlew. It's an unusual looking bird, and the little bobbing motion of the head is cute.

  2. Wow...awesome!! Such an unusual bird. Isn't it always the case tho....the unique birds are always so far away.

  3. What a sweet, interesting bird! Love it's sound!


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