Saturday, November 14, 2015

Silkie hen with fluffy plumage

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 Silkie hen with fluffy plumage
© NF Photo 140908 Granite gorge, Queensland, Australia

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This is probably a domestic fowl and was not on our bird list for the region. My fellow travelers did not bother but I think they are cute and well worthy of a place in my species list. Never before have I seen such cute chickens :)

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  1. Pretty hens, their feathers are beautiful. Happy weekend!

  2. Would you look at the hens' crests? Fantastic. I've seen these only in photos...lucky you to have an opportunity to get out with them and get photos.

  3. De är underbart fluffiga!

  4. Hello!:) I have never seen this kind of hen before, or one so pretty. The little touch of blue is every bit as fetching as the fluffy crown. I would love to get a chance to photograph these unusual hens.


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