Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Common Greenshank or what Sharp-tailed Sandpiper

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 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
© NF Photo 140907, The Esplanade, Cairns, Queensland

Well, never easy to ID waders. I´m not sure about this one. Is it a Greenshank? I saw it in the Esplanade of Cairns in Aug 2014

Thanks to Mick for giving me the right ID :)

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  1. It is a cute bird, sorry I can help with the id! Enjoy your day!

  2. It certainly appears to have green legs so fits the name, but I'm not an expert. Have you tried the Facebook Bird ID group? If you post the photo, location and date, they will help you ID it.

  3. Definitely not a Common Greenshank - I think it is a Sharp-tailed Sandpiper but that is a species I see maybe once every couple of years. The eyebrow stripe and the coloring especially of the head make me think S.T. Sandpiper. I have been told the esplanade at Cairns is a great place to see shorebirds!

    1. thanks Mick, You are right. I have the sandpiper in my list :)

  4. Hi Yes it is a Sharp-tailed Sandpiper. I often saw them at the Esplanade.

  5. I would have gone with Sharpie as well.

    Cheers - Stewart M

  6. thanks, I will change the ID :)

  7. Looks like a great sharpie.

  8. Whatever the proper ID, it sure is sweet!

  9. This one is a MUST SEE! Excellent bird! Congrats!


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