Saturday, November 1, 2014

Welcome to NatureFootsteps birds from Queensland, Australia.

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Torresian Imperial-Pigeon - Ducula spilorrhoa
© NF Photo 140907, Cairns, Queensland

 Welcome to the first post of my Australian birds. This is  a pigeon I saw from the hotel window when I first opened the curtains. I had the view over the Esplanade and it was still early in the morning.
As far as I can tell this is a Torresian Imperial-Pigeon. This is the first and many more will come. The groups estimate of species during the trip was 320. In Costa Rica I managed to photograph 3 out of 5 species. If I made the same no now I might have 200 species when I´m done. But, I count everyone I can identify so all is not that great a photograph.

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  1. It is wonderful to see all these new birds.. I try to get a photo of my life birds.. You saw a lot of birds on this trip. That is is great.

  2. Det är en massa arter. Det ska bli spännande att se dem.

  3. Wow...I look forward to more birds that you spotted on your trip!
    This image is stunning.

    Thanks again for sharing your link at I'd Rather B Birdin'. It's always appreciated!!

  4. Great job seeing this one from your window! Nice looking pigeon!

  5. Australia is another thing to go, I'm waiting for your birds.


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