Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Australasian Figbird - Sphecotheres vieilloti

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 Australasian Figbird, male - Sphecotheres vieilloti
oops. I think he dropped something. :)
Australasian Figbird, female - Sphecotheres vieilloti
© NF Photo 140907, Cassowary House, Queensland
I think this is the Australasian Figbird, male and female. But as Aus birds are totally new to me I will probably make mistakes. I trust you will tell me when it happens. I want to get it right as I post the species I photographed. :)
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  1. Quite a difference in plumage between the male and female.

  2. Beautiful birds! I love that I get to explore birds from all over the world through these blogs. Your photos are just great!

  3. The male Figbird is a lovely looking bird

  4. The male is pretty, love his yellow breast.. Great sighting and photos.

  5. The red eye on the male is quite distinctive. I have them singing around my house most mornings. Great photos.

  6. Båda är vackra fast hanen är mycket färggrannare.

  7. A very interesting bird and beauitful photos.

  8. Love the streaked plumage on the breast of the female bird

  9. What a fascinating bird. Great photos! :)

  10. They surely are different... male from female... don't actually seem the same bird at all do they? We have nothing like those here ....

  11. As soon as I saw the first photo I had a flash back to a wonderful book given to me as a little girl when I first arrived in Australia by kind neighbours wanting to show me the beauty of Australiana nature. Naturally at that age it wasn't really appreciated and tis only now that I ache to have it and cannot even remember its name. It must have cost a lot as it had coloured photographs and had exquisite drawings as well...like a precious museum book.
    Thank you for your beautiful photos.
    Alexa Blogging from Sydney, Australia


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