Saturday, August 19, 2017

Wonga Pigeon - Leucosarcia melanoleuca - Wongaduva

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Wonga Pigeon - Leucosarcia melanoleuca - Wongaduva
© NF Photo 140922 Lamington NP,  Queensland, Australia

I liked the look of this pigeon, it is elegant in it´s appearance. 

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  1. Oh what a glorious looking bird...really stunning!

  2. Holy Cow....this is so very attractive!!! I would love to have one 'caged'. I know, I know, that's all kinds of wrong to cage a free bird,.........but did I say this is gorgeous?!!! Wow.

    Thanks once again for doing your narration and sharing the wonderful photos this weekend. We birders at I'd Rather B Birdin' are always appreciative.

  3. Hello!:) The Wonga pigeon really blends in with the stones in your last shot. It really is a most attractive bird.


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