Saturday, January 21, 2017

Chowchilla - Orthonyx spaldingii

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Chowchilla - Orthonyx spaldingii 
© NF Photo 140913 Mt Lewis, Queensland, Australia

A trush like bird. Judging from the color of the chest this is a female. 

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Youtube video by Tim Siggs

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  1. Hello, looks like a pretty bird and shy too. The sound is cool. Happy weekend!

  2. Very beautiful! Looks a little like a towhee. Thanks for the wonderful photos!

  3. Gorgeous...looks a bit like our American Robin! I guess robins are of the thrush family, so perhaps distant cousins?!! Beautiful song.

    I want to send along my gratitude for your sharing this post with us bird enthusiasts at I'd Rather B Birdin'. Much appreciated!!

  4. Pretty bird. Loved hearing its sound.

  5. He's a wonderful bird! I enjoyed the photos and video so much! Always love hearing the songs.


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