Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Australian Bustard - Ardeotis australis

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Australian Bustard - Ardeotis australis
© NF Photo 140911, Bustard downs, Queensland. Australia

These guys were quite hard to catch in the tall grass. So it was a challenge. This place was a camping site but they also was a farm for breeding the birds I think. But they were free to fly as they wish. 
Last image is the same bird in a collage.

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  1. These are unusual ... hard to tell what they are, duck, goose? are they water birds or more like turkeys? Great pictures and very strange birds. Sorry I am not spending much time on my computer ... many things to do to get my yard and house ready for winter ... getting old makes everything that much more difficult. Hope all is well with you ... how is your blister?

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    1. is a large ground bird of grassland neither duck or goose.


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