Saturday, March 5, 2016

Australian grass owl - Tyto longimembris

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Australian grass owl - Tyto longimembris
© NF Photo 140909

We had got word that the Grass Owl would be at this location. But we did not see it. Then a coupe of other birders came down to us and told us it is higher up the road and seemed to be injured. We found it and could see it was injured. It tried to fly but failed. Our local guide made a quick call to some rescue team to come and try to catch the owl. Two days later we got word they found the owl and it had a broken wing but would be healed :)  It was too dark for great images so I did find a video on youtube. 

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Youtube video

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  1. These are amazing owls!! Another new species. I always enjoy coming here and learning. You make birding a lot of fun across the miles in your part of the world!!

    Thanks for sharing this weekend, at I'd Rather B Birdin'. All of us, the birders within us, appreciate you taking time to add your link!!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Loved the video...they are so cute!!!

  3. What a great experience you had. You even got a few good captures in flight. Well done and I'm glad to hear the owl will recover.

  4. Hi, some nice in-flight photos there! I'm sorry to say, however, that the bird photographed in flight was in fact a Black Shouldered Kite, a gorgeous bird endemic to Australia. You may find Grass Owls in similar habitat so distinguish from the kite by the long legs, rufous coloration on the neck and back, and it's tendency to hunt later on at night.
    Ollie Scully.

    1. well, I am not surprised. I had a feeling of that. But our guides said so :(


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