Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Australasian Magpie - Gymnorhina tibicen

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 Australasian Magpie - Gymnorhina tibicen
© NF Photo 140909 Bromfield Swamp, Queensland

A bird with many subspecies. The coloration differs between individuals. I think they give scientists a headache :)  Myself I love the very cool bill they have. 

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  1. Nice shots of the Magpie.

  2. Lovely shots Happy New Year. I am home now from my trip to Malawi but thanks for leaving me all the comments when I was away.

  3. Wearing a veil. Love seeing this pretty bird! Great shots.

  4. Magpies are just fun. They are not only smart, they are very social and not at all afraid to stick their nose into your business. Our Magpies, though also black and white are a bit different, bur just as ornery. Love it, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. Splendid birds! There are three have a bit of a family squabble in my garden as I type!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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