Saturday, December 26, 2015

Buff-banded Rail - Gallirallus philippensis

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Buff-banded Rail - Gallirallus philippensis
© NF Photo 140909 Queensland, Australia

This one did not know much about traffic rules. It came walking right up on the road. 
Lucky enough the driver saw it in time. But it was hard to get shots of it as we could not go out of the bus. At least I could fix the three images to look pretty much OK. It is a beautiful bird for sure. 

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  1. They clearly dont know much about road-rules, the shots I post a week are so was of a bird that was clipped by a car!

    Nice shots.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. That is a spectacular bird.

  3. What a cool looking Rail, great sighting and photos.

  4. A beautiful bird but silly as a chicken. Nice shots though.
    How far North in Q'land did you spot it?

    1. it was close to the Bromfield Swamp and Chambers Lodge.

  5. Wonderful bird...handsome enough to stop traffic! :-)

  6. Nice work in taking advantage of a unique opportunity! That's a good looking rail!

  7. Beautiful bird...and so aptly named!!!

    Thanks for sharing the link while I was on blogging hiatus. Hope to see you link up again often during 2016. Your photo contributions are always valued!!


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