Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Macleay's Honeyeater - Xanthotis macleayanus

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 Macleay's Honeyeater - Xanthotis macleayanus
© NF Photo 140907

I was guessing this bird is a Macleay's Honeyeater but I´n not sure. The pattern around the eye don´t seem right. Anyone knows for sure?? I saw it north of Cairns. 

Thankd to Phil for helping out. This seems to be a juvenile, that´s why I was confused. 
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  1. Not sure what bird that is but it's a mighty fine one.

  2. Pretty bird and great shots!

  3. Sorry can't help with ID but it is a lovely bird

  4. Lovely bird, but I'm no help! :(

  5. I have no idea, but maybe Phil Slade can help with ID :Another Bird Blog. lovely pics

  6. Sorry, I have no experience of Australian Honeyeaters but I googled some photos of Macleay's Honeyeater and it mostly fits. According to the photos it should have a darker crown and as you suggest a more pronounced eye ring. I think it may be a juvenile bird if this is your breeding season for honeyeaters. Here's link to a photo which resembles your own.



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