Saturday, February 21, 2015

Magpie Goose - Anseranas semipalmata - Skatgås

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Magpie Goose - Anseranas semipalmata
© NF Photo 140907 Cattana Wetlands, Queensland, Australia

This is a very unique goose and it is very interesting to read about it on wiki.  What immediately caught my attention was the fact that I saw them sitting in trees. Never seen a goose in a tree before. 

Lern more about Magpie Goose on wiki
youtube several clips

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  1. Aren't they pretty! I love their markings!

  2. Wow....I have never heard of this particular goose...and such great markings. It's wonderful that you captured photos of them to educated us.

    Thank you for joining with your link at I'd Rather B Birdin' this weekend!!!

  3. It is cool learning all the new birds from around the world. This Magpie Goose is new to me, great shots!

  4. I had never heard of these before, and they sure are lovely birds, beautiful setting too~

  5. I've only ever seen the Egyptian Goose up in a tree before. Nice images of them.

  6. They look too big to uree. great looking goose

  7. This is a really handsome goose ... the coloring is amazing and though they look like a goose, they don't seem to be like them. The male being larger, the gradual molt ... and they can sit in trees becasue their feet are only partially webbed. What a great find, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  8. Nice photos of the Magpie Geese and their habitat. They are down this way - sometimes - but I only rarely see them.

  9. Wow! What super looking Geese with Magpie like markings. Great shots!:)

  10. A fascinating goose...I had never seen one before!

  11. That is a lot of geese in one place.

  12. We have magpie geese here. The other day I got them flying past and landing in trees. Actually I recall the first time I saw them in a tree, bit strange really but it is probably safer than the ground in some places.


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